Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bird Feeders.....

Oriole feeder, made with cup of grape jelly and orange halves. Hummingbird feeders. We try to keep the birds feed. Today, my sister Jeanie came to visit. She got to see the blue bird and while we were looking for it again, a hummingbird flew right in front of her. Now that was funny.  It was a nice cool morning, we sat out on the porch watching the finches. I dug up some more plant starts for Jeanie. She left to go plant them as soon as she gets home. Enjoy this beautiful day. xoxo


  1. Your birdies who come to visit have got it made!! Aren't God's creatures wonderful to watch!

  2. you are very good to your feathered freinds!

  3. I love the birds so much and my only regret is I waited late in life to start feeding them.

  4. Love the feeders, Susie. I can't seem to attract any hummers to this house. We had them at our other houses, but not this one. I love feeding all our birds- xo Diana

  5. Hi susie, so lovley to meet you! you are so lucky to find hummingbirds and finches in your garden!! how gorgeous!
    Laura xx

  6. when i lived in podunk if you wore a red shirt the hummingbirds would come after you! so funny...

    smiles, bee