Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Junking With My Sister...

My newly retired sister and I went junking today. We went to our favorite little junk shop in Elwood , In.  It's so small, that sometimes it's hard to see what they really have. They are reasonable in prices.  Too much glassware. You certainly would not take a child in there. They have lamps, pictures, dishes, gloves, hats, purses, and some outdoor things also. My sister bought 2 lamps. I will show you tomorrow what I bought .


  1. I enjoyed the pictures. My favorite store here has a sign displayed that picture-taking is prohibited!

  2. Hi Susie,
    I am going junking with my newly retired sister this coming Monday.
    We are meeting in Concord NC, and going to an 85,000 sq ft. antique and flea market! We will never be the same again!!!
    I'm glad that you and your sister had so much fun.


  3. What a lovely store. I could meander forever in it ...
    TTFN ~
    Happy Mother's Day ~

    ~GIVEAWAY end 5/13~

  4. What fun! How great that you are able to spend time with your sister doing something you both love! THAT is the best part of all! xo Diana

  5. Oh goodness Susie I'd have a ball in that little store! Look at all those wonderful treasures....I like the round table that all the dishes are sitting on and also that white cupboard. Yes I need to get out junking soon...less than 2 weeks until our monthly huge flea market is on again and then there will be one more in June before they shut down for July and August. It's too hot here in Kansas and they don't have air conditioning in the building :( Oh well it will be here before I know it. Congrats to your sister on her retirement and you two have a ball at the big flea market!
    Maura :)

  6. a few years ago i could have probably filled this shop myself but i have pared down to nothing except the blue and white dishes...

    smiles, bee

  7. This looks like a great place...lots of dishes, my favorite thing! :))


  8. What a place. I should think that with so much would be a job to choose! Joan

  9. I just LOVE going to the shops! I wish I could make it my life's work, but alas I haven't the funds for this vocation, so I teach...LOL!
    That looks like an amazing place, I bet you guys had fun. Thanks so much for stopping by, your blog is great and I am your new follower. You are always welcome to party with us!

  10. I'd die to go in that place..Awesome..Susie