Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finch feeders....

Here's a little finch. I love these tiny birds. I was wondering where they had gone ...then when they came back, they brought the whole fam damily.We are filling the feeders 2-3 times a week now.:):) No hummingbirds yet. I have not seen the bluebird any more.  I'll be posting flowerbed photos soon. I've been planting ,sowing some seeds, and transplanting. Plus I have made up pots for my sister who retired. She'll have time to garden now, so I am giving her some starts from our plants. Hope you enjoyed today. I saw on the weather map, it is really raining in the northeast. xo


  1. Hi Susie! We have some finches here, too...and several new woodpeckers. They are so much fun to watch.

    I hope you sister loves gardening-it is such a good hobby! xo Diana

  2. The finch is so pretty. I lost my finches when I switched to safflower seed.

  3. So sweet. A treat I don't get to see around here. Have a sweet Wednesday!

  4. i had lots of those tiny finches when i lived in podunk but not here in florida. they would just fight with each other like a bunch of old women!

    smiles, bee

  5. I am planning on filling my finch feeders at the campground this weekend and can't wait to see them return!