Friday, May 18, 2012


Wednesday was class picnic, Thursday was game day. Yesterday morning my sister and I went walking in the park, a few laps. After the walk we went across the road to the high school track . My daughter's class along with all the 5th grades had outside games of tug-of-war, running, frisbe toss and softball throw. All the kids could enter any of the events. Because it was all in good fun, for a day out. This is the end of school year, we had no snow days to make up. Sorry my photos aren't so great....Thinking of getting a more powerful camera. I wish all of you a great weekend. Suppose to rain here, the lawn needs it. xo


  1. Hello dear Susie!
    I am envious of your weather! Bravo on the exercise!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. My exercise today was cleaning the old house's bathroom. Look into a Canon Rebel, at Costco, if you are near one. Costco gives you 90 days to bring it back if you want to. I have a Canon Rebel T2i from Costco. I recently got it and still am learning the camera.

  3. I took an hour walk with a neighbor yesterday, and now have a big blister on my heal!! ouch!
    So glad you are enjoying the good weather!