Thursday, May 17, 2012

Picnic Day....

 Some of the children from my daughter's class. They ate dogs, chips and cookies..and one soda each. All the water they wanted :):) They shot baskets, played volley ball, tossed the football. Put on a short play. Here are three of the cuties with their hair braided....but you can't see the braids.LOL The girl is the middle told me she was kidding. :):) They will all call me Nana , when they see me again.
  Today I took my sister after our walk in the park to school. All the 5th grade classes where having outside games... throwing frisbes, tug of war, throw softballs and running. I'll tell more tomorrow. xo


  1. What a good time everyone must have had!

  2. Well, Nana Susie! I am so glad that the picnic went off without a nice your sister could see it, too~xo Diana

  3. Fun picnic & games ... the girls are darling. I can relate to the wee red haired gal.

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful eve ~