Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Junk.....

 These are a few things I picked up for Emm'as fairy garden. She's going to love them. I hope she does.
Here are three bowls that reminded me of my m-i-l. Many years ago, she had these exact bowls. My m-i-l was the best cook ever. She had to teach me to cook....I sure didn't know how when I got married. I remember her favorite recipes. German chocolate cake, Oyster dressing, creamed peas with pearl onions. things I had never eaten in my life, growing up was beans, potatoes, and corn bread. :):) I can barely eat those foods since growing up. I will sure never eat rabbits or squirrels again. YUCK.Dad used to hunt and fish to help feed us. One sure way to feed kids, is just don't have so dang many kids.That's how I would think about my parents growing up.:):):) I just had to get over the dream that my real parents were coming for me.LOL


  1. LOL! I know, it's not really funny, the part about waiting on your real parents. But just think of this...which one of those sisters would you give up? None!

    Cindy Bee

  2. Can't wait to see your garden. I recognize the little doll from McDonalds. That wil look adorable. I made a tiny garden today. I took a bunch of pictures of the fairy garden at the garden center. Will post soon.
    Love that you bought the plates because they remind you of your MIL.

  3. Well, there is no shame in growing up poor, Susie...and look how great you turned out. How wonderful that you had mil that taught you to cook. It sounds like she was a good soul.

    I think Emma is gonna love those little fairy garden items. xo Diana

  4. love the bowls, i am a dishes freak anyway!

    smiles, bee

  5. I swear Grandma still had the one type of bowls...the gray with the pink rose. one of the last times i spent with her i dished up some ice cream for her in a bowl like that.

  6. The bowls are a very pretty reminder of your MIL. I can't wait to see Emma's fairy garden, I bet she will be delighted with it.
    You may have been poor, but it sounds like your parents did their best for you, unlike some who have plenty. It did make me laugh though, you dreaming of the real ones!