Thursday, June 21, 2012


 This is the beautiful flowers in front of the Blue Gate restaurant in the town of Shipshewana, Indiana. It is an Amish town..The Amish are know for their cooking, crafting and building.  I have to honestly say, our food here was nothing to brag about. It appeared to be made some elsewhere  and brought in to serve. Amish fast food, is what I called it.  Plus a screaming child all through our lunch, didn't help. Why???:(:(
  The flea market was a lot and I do mean lot of imports from sad. I did  buy  up a couple little things from a young man 's booth, looked like his grandma's knick-knacks. We did make it to the big antique barn across the road from the flea market.That was fun to see. I didn't buy anything there.  I will be going to Nappanee, next trip for a taste of Amish cooking. Or just into the stores in Shipshewana. But no more flea market for me. Oh I almost was so darn hot out in the open. If you should go , take one of those spritzer fans with you. :):)


  1. Wow, you "did" the flea market?????? Did you do "down the middle" or "down each side"? Someone told us you didn't "do" it if you walked down the middle. I can tell you stories about that place going back to 1974 when it was authentic and charming. We always ate in Middlebury but even that changed. You were brave to go in such hot weather.

  2. I am sorry that there were so many disappointments for you on your outing. It does sound like the antique barn was the high point.
    I just want to thank you for stopping by and for the sweet comments on my aprons. Have a wonderful day. From one Hoosier gal to another, Connie :)

  3. Hope your next venture out will be more enjoyable & successful for your search.
    Have a fabulous day ~
    TTFN ~

  4. My Shug and I were just talking about how we think the Amish save the good stuff for themselves and sell us tourists, who THINK all of their stuff is great, the junk. We had an "amish pie" the other day and it was not good at all. Too sweet and I think it was just canned filling dumped in a store bought shell, for the premium price of $10.00 And don't even get me started on their eggs. I'll tell you that story another time! And yup, Shipshewana has gone to China. I used to go there every summer with my Mom, Cousin, and Sister. It was an annual trip back in the 80's, 90's. But we quit going about 10 years ago because it was nothing but junk. It's kind of fun to go in town and shop though. At least it used to be. I haven't been up that way in a long time.

    Cindy Bee

  5. It sounds as though the flowers were the best part of this trip. Hopefully your next excursion will be more pleasing. Stay cool!

  6. Too bad about the food but the petunias are awesome...

  7. Those flowers were amazing...sorry the rest of your trip was o disappointing.... I'm sure those temperatures didn't help!

    Better luck in the future...


  8. what a shame about that food! sorry...

    hugs, bee

  9. Susie- Well, that sounds like not such a good day- all the way around. How disappointing for you- xo Diana

  10. I dont know why i dragged you to the flea market when we shouldve went to the mercantile or around that building. come back in the fall and we'll do chicago 2nd hand stores.

  11. Ok, now I know that I'm not missing out on anything in Shipshewana! My mom and I used to go years ago. Too bad it's been over taken by cheap imported stuff and bad food. When we went, the stores were all hand crafted items, but oh so overpriced. My mom and I used to joke that we could dress like the Amish and sell our hand crafted goodies for top dollar, and make a small fortune:)

  12. How gorgeous!
    You got some great photos that day if nothing else!