Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Smelling Matter....

I took this photo from inside the house :):):)  At first glance I thought it was one of the neighbor's white cats. It was a big old stinky skunk !! He must have been eating the birdseed under the feeders. He ate around a bit , then he wandered into the pen that the neighbor's hold the goats in. One goat cornered the skunk, but froze in his tracks and the skunk lumbered off. My thanks for that. Notice the pieces of lattice...that is to keep the goats from sticking their heads through that poor fence and eating my flowers. They have that whole field of grass, but prefer my flowers.  Rats. :):)


  1. lets hope it lumbers off into the next county lol.. ewww glad Mr Goat decided to back away..

    animals are so smart.

  2. Well, thank goodness he wasn't right on your doorstep. That smell almost makes me feel kind of sick. Blessings to you today- and Goats Be Gone! xo Diana

  3. Oh boy...Glad you were inside when you spotted him!

  4. I cannot begin to imagine skunk stink, and by the sounds of it, I should be grateful!

  5. Oh yes, everything always looks greener on the other side. lol! Sure glad Mr. skunk didn't leave you with a stinky spray. I want to thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my guest post at the Thrifty Groove. I appreciated it.

  6. oh lucky that skunk left! i always enjoyed watching goats but wouldn't want them near my flowers! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  7. Too funny, scratchy cornered a woodchuck that wandered into HER pen, fortunately it escaped when I managed to corral the heathen.

    Thanks so much for the pics, that pink house is adorable, way more domesticated than mine, but then, mine's one of a kind...;)

    Been workin at my daughter's shop all week, her boyfriend is having a heart valve replaced, maybe tomorrow, so mom to the rescue again. Looks like rain this evening, and boy do we need it, but no more wind PLEASE!!!

    Good to talk to ya friend, take care of yourself as well and enjoy this good ol' summertime!