Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Here are a couple pics from yesterday. Too much sun in our faces, it appears  .LOL  :):) shh, don't tell that I posted these. My girls say I never signal when I snapping the photo.....they could be right. It was a fun day, no matter how our hair-dos looked, or if we were ready or not. I will get to see Korey again at Christmas. I will go over to Angie's this Friday with Emma Pooh.. Then next Tuesday , Kathy , Ted Bear, and I are going to Shipshawana.  That's the Amish town up north in Indiana. They have craft shops, antiques, and a flea market  that's hugh. That will be a fun time. Another beautiful day here...but we need rain really. xoxo


  1. My daughter says the same thing about my pictures. She said that I take pictures when no one is looking......that's what I wanted to do. No matter how hard you can try when take a posed one......someone always looks the other direction.
    Handsome grandson for sure.
    Have fun shopping.

  2. i can't post any photos of my daughter as her ex is still stalking, the creep. but i take lots of them! yours are lovely!

    smiles, bee

  3. Great pics. Do you ever see the flower & design feedsacks @ the market? I will buy them .....

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  4. My sis lives in IN and I have heard her speak of visiting the Amish town. I enjoyed seeing your photos and I hope you have a nice day.

  5. I think the pictures are perfect. Who wants to look at photos that are totally posed for anyway? Have fun in the Amish town. I'm going to visit some in PA when we are on vacation later this monthn.

  6. i am totally embarrassed by these pics. Thanks Mom lol

  7. I hope you take pictures of the goodies you bought! Craft items, flea markets, junk and consignment stores are my favorite!

  8. Goodness, my hair is always crazy. I love visiting Amish shops. Have lots of fun.

  9. What fun pictures. I love to see what a great time you are all having- xo Diana