Saturday, June 16, 2012

No Octopus .....

I was so excited to use nana Diana's recipe for Emma's lunch. After she carries it to the table , she says" I don't like hot-dogs(octopus)". Well for goodness sake, there went that lunch. I really do not like to fix meals for my grandkids...picky eaters. There mommies sure were not. So Emma ate the mac/cheese and a salad. Then had strawberry yogurt for dessert.... I guess as long as she eats while she is here. You know anything besides peanut  butter and jelly sandwiches. Today she has chopped steak(hambuger shhh). So funny just re-naming things so they will eat. :):) But we have been busy painting birdhouses today.  I am ready for a nice cappachino and piece of cake. LOL Hope you are enjoying your day. xo


  1. sounds like a perfect day, love those octopus!!

  2. it's adorable! my grandchildren wouldn't eat anything i cooked and honey i was a good cook. it got to where i hated to have them for meals. they are much better now that they are grown though.

    i just had a "skinny" latte with a 100 calorie pack of cookies. not cake but okay...

    smiles, bee

  3. hope you got your cappachino and cake!!

  4. LOL- And you tried so hard with that poor octopus. That kid is way too smart- you couldn't fool her! lol
    Sounds like you had fun anyway- xo Diana

  5. My kids were the pickiest eaters when they were little. Now they are teens and can't pack it in fast enough! I give you an "a" for effort.

  6. Too cute! We never had a picky eater because they learned they had to try at least a teaspoon full of whatever was served, then if they didn't care for it they didn't have to eat it. IF they said 'I don't like it' before they taste it, a BIG spoon went on the plate. Never had any issues with that after one mistaken sentence.

    Love the steak ... kids are a trick & a half sometimes aren't they, but you just smile & go on loving them.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping an eye out for the flower & design print feedsacks. I deeply appreciate this.

    Have a beautiful Father's Day celebration.
    TTFN ~